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**Note  Shipped in USA ONLY Period!!  NO Out of USA Shipping as it is too expensive to ship!

Don't be bedazzled by so many charts! It's easier & better to keep a piece of paper & pen with you as you browse this site! 

Inventory  -    SALE
" Please Note - The prices are being changed for quick sales.
(changing each page - patience please) - if you want an items cost changed quicker email the request)
Please keep a piece of paper to list the items your wishing to order.  Email the list & I'll send a confirmation what is still available.
Cross-Stitch may be habit forming!

This   site   will   be   closing   end of  year 2019!

This site might be very slow to connect, but SalesCart is still working.

Search - sorry - Not working - this is another reason for closing this site end of year.

Thanks for all of your support & patience!



New Items will be posted on

 our New Site in 2020



    The orders will be processed by Paypay! - If any questions email oldstitch@oldstitch.com

Note - If  you want to order from this site OldStitch.com   &   also some items from the new site TheOldStitch.com -  Email the list you want to order OR Please the orders Separately & we will credit back you the difference of the shipping charges.


The Old Stitch, Inc
1379 Luella Rd
Locust Grove, Georgia 30248                               

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