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The Cross Stitcher Magazine - 3-3
  The Cr Stitcher - 3-3

31 designs - Mini Victorian Fan, Bunny & Flower, Mouse Take a Bite Cheese Board by Sudberry House, A Plain Country Wedding Sampler by Ladybug Designs, Strawberries Coaster, My Love...My Son Poem / My Love...My Daughter Poem / My Love...My Home by Ann Hall, Chiricahua Sun Sandpaiting by Karin Moore, Teddy Bear Flying a Teddy Bear Kite by Carolyn Heiden, The Stitch Graphier by David Natwig, Sweetheart Border by Nancy Hartley, Endangered Wildlife Series - Pama Gazelle by Vanessa Steele, Blackberries & Butterflies by Lisa of Copenhagen, Confucious Man Teaching / Superior Man by Confucius Quote, Statue of Lady Liberty 1886-1986, Road to Friends Home, Strawberry Coaster / Strawberries Banner, Duck Silhouette, Three Geese, Starfish / Sea Shell Sand Dollar, Pillows - Mother Rose / Father - Tail-Pin Duck, Psalm 150 - Praise Him On the Harp Verse

Designer - The Cross Stitcher Magazine

catalog # - csmt-mg-3-3

Pricing - $3.50

Cost - $ 0.75