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That's a Stitch!
  That's a Stitch!

11 designs - Old Quilters Never Die, A Golfer and a normal person live here - House, Old Fisherman lives here with his wife - Mermaid, I Did it Right the first time - Busy Desk, Happinessis being owned by a cat - Queen Cat, When life gives you scraps Make Quilts, Why is Alphabet in that order Because of that Song, Why do we always pray before we eat Mom's Cooking - Little Girl Praying, The floors are clean place is neat if I were you I'd Wipe My Feet, Next Mood Swing 5 Minutes Sign, Photographic Memory I just forgot to get it developed

Designer - Stoney Creek Collection

catalog # - scc-bk-287

Pricing - $6.95

Cost - $1.05