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Treasured Keepsakes - Collection 2
  Treasured Keepsakes 2

16 designs - Our Lives Are Entwined, A Treasured Moment, Treasured Keepsakes Sampler, As My Firstborn, Sister We Share A Treasured Past, A Duaghter A Gift From God, Cherished Memories Sampler, Love Beareth All Things, Life's Greatest Treasures, Grandma The Heart of the Family, Love Blossoms I Your Heart, Shared Memories Sampler, I Carry our Smile In My Heart, Not Only Do We Share the Sampe Parents, A Babby Is Sent From God Above, I'm Just A Little Treasure Box

Designer - Kristy Goodin Soard / Canterbury Designs

catalog # - ctd-bk-31

Pricing - $5.00

Cost - $ 1.05