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Year of Cross Stitch, A
  Year of Cross Stitch

29 designs - Spring House Landscape, Woodland Wildflowers in Bloom, Butterfly Motifs Lamp, Happiness is Homemade Sign with Mini Quilts On Clothesline, Doves Under Wisteria Trellis Sampler, Summer House Landscape, Hand-Quilted Heart Scrolls Pillow, Wreath Scrolls Pillow, Tabby Kitty Cat in a 3D Window & Curtains, Victorian Porch, Berry Basket Sampler, Autumn House Landscape, Row of Assorted Peppers - Jalapeno / Cayanne / Bell / Large Cherry / Habamero, Harvest Welcome Wreath - Sunflowers, Quilt Basket Geomatric Square, Village Houses & Alphabet Sampler, Winter House Landscape, Christmas Advent Calendar Wreath, Beaded Rose Purse, Stained Glass Angel Pillow, Snowflake White-on-White Sampler, Sampling of Small Accessories - Berry Heart, Angel Tag, Snowflake Bookmark / Coaster, Dove, House, etc

Designer - Jodie Davis Designs / Friedman / Fairfax Publisher

Note - Hardback - 128 pages

catalog # jdd-bk-217

Pricing $ 24.95

Cost $ 1.00