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Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gifts
  Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gifts

48 designs - Four Seasons Squares- Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter, Vegetables Squares - Aparagus / Squash / Beet, Flower Basket Towel, Greetings Swans Towel, Welcome To Our Home Sampler, Autumn Welcome Squirrels, Give Thanks to Lord Sign, My Quilt & I Never Part, Don't Forget Note List, Spring Blossoms - Floral Bouquet / Tulip Basket / Hydrandea, Floral Heart Wreath - Love, Girl with Umbrella in Rain Lid, Rooster Weather Vane, Autumn's Gift Bookmark, ABC Border, When This I See School Sampler, Late For School, Lunchtime Pals Bibs - Teddies / Ducklings / Dino, Girl Skipping Rope, Sit With Me & Share Tea, Trusted Friend Sampler, World's Best Sampler - Occupation, Posey Alphabet, Two For Tea, Mother's Day, Thee I Love, Graduation Day, Happy Hannukkah, Baby Things, Father's Day, Christmas Village Buildings, Christmas Animal Wreath, Joyeous Noel, Trick or Treat Bags, Happy Birthday, Holiday Lights, Mini Quilt Coasters, etc

Designer - Oxmoor House

Note - Hardback - 146 pages

catalog # ox-bk-1069

Pricing $ 24.95

Cost $ 1.00