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Quick As A Wink
  Quick As A Wink

100 designs - Welcome Home, Love Geese, Heavenly Faces Sun / Moon, Angels Divine, Duck Couples - Mallard / Wood, Amish Mini Quilts, Harvest Clock, American Teddy Bear, Old Time Mini Sampler, Portrait American Eagle, Sea Shells Towels, Single Rose, Roses Dresser Scarf, Floral Bread Covers, Rose Alphabet, Rosy Tea Towels, Moo Babies Bibs, I Love Mom / Dad Bib, Birthday Jar Lids, Bee My Baby, Baby Cute Animals, School Magnets, Noah's Ark Pillow, 12 Flowers Bookmarks, Zodiac Mugs, Sporty Dad Caps, Marriage Sampler, Gifts For Teacher, Thanks Jar Lids, I Love Mugs, Reader's Corner Bookmarks, Sew Quick Gifts, Bookmarks of Giving, Seasons Angels Bread Cloths, Fruitful Mugs, Kitchen Food Towels, Homespun Magnets, Garden Fresh Seeds Plant Pokes, Bouquet of Mugs, Rooster & Hen Towel, Herb Harvest Sachets, Bless This Pantry, Berry Sampler, Bread Cloth Bounty, Patriotic Eagle Waste Canvas, Glorious Gardenias Sweaters, Greatest Kid on Earth T-Shirt, Littlest Angel Shirt, Nautical Flags, Pocket Bouquets, etc

Designer - Leisure Arts / Oxmoor House

Note - Hardback - 144 pages

catalog # - ox-bk-1561

Pricing - $19.95

Cost - $ 1.00