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Inspirations - Donna Kooler's Cross Stitch

25 designs - God is Our Hope, Sustain Me with Raisins, May Worl of My Hand, God Gave us Music Verse, Voice of the Turtle, Thank You Lord of Family, To Those Who Believe - Angels, Praise the Lord, Water My Garden, Hemmed Sledom Unravels, Lilies on the Cross, Bless the Beasts, Whoever Eats My Bread, Believe, Consider the Lilies, Expect A Miracle, Bless Our Home, Angels Gather Here, Preaching of the Cross Consider Wonderous Works, Send Out Fragrance, Welcome Angels, Each Day is a New Beginning, Land of Oil Olive, Give Thanks, Bless Thy Beasts & Singing Birds, All Creatures Praise the Lord, etc

Designer - Donna Kooler / Kooler Design Studio, Inc

Note - Hardback - 128 pages

catalog # kdsi-bk-9005

Pricing $ 24.95

Cost $ 1.00