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Elegant Embroidery
  Elegant Embroidery

30 designs - Specialty Stitches / Crewel / Ribbon Work - Garland Pillow, Pansy & Bow Pillow, Calico Heart Pillow, LOVE Sign Crewel, Pot Pourri Bags - Ribbon Roses & Lace, Garland Pillow, Ribbon Roses & Embroidery Pillow, Lace Trimmed Pillow, Pair of Initialled Damask Pillow, Tablecloth Crewel Monogram, Glit-Edged Posy Bouquet, Ribbon & Roses with Boy, Framed Pastel Bouquet, Rpbe & Gown Silk Work Roses, Lingerie Bag & Slippers Roses Satin Silk Work, Claret Moire Taffeta Tasselled Pillow, Embroidered Ribbons & Baby's Breath Flowers Stool, Summer Garden Ribbon Scene, Leslie's Rose Dream Pillow, St Valentine Roses Heart Pilllow, Ribbon Work Handkerchiefs, etc

Designer - Kaye Pyke & Lynne Landy / Susan Haynes Book

Note - Hardback - 118 pages

catalog # suhy-bk-3377

Pricing $ 32.00

Cost $ 1.00