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Best of Vaness-Ann's Cross-Stitch Collection, The
  Best of Vanessa-Ann's Cr-St Collection

49 designs- Homeward Hearts Sampler - House, Rainbow's End- Tulips Friend, Baby Birth Sampler - Teddy & Toys Motifs, Something's Brewing - Halloween Witches Tote, A Mom Gives Balloon Hearts to Kids, Folk People & House Sampler, Wedding Keepsake Cone, My Grandchildren Record - Floral Heart, I Love You - Floral Sign, Special Delivery Cupids - Heart & Flowers, Bunny Hidden in Flowers, Bountiful Harvest Table Runner- Fruit & Vegetables, Welcome Wreath - Fruits, Glorious Nativity Scene - Star & Roses Border, Family Heirloom Frame, No Time To Spare - Running Easter Rabbit with Clock, Floral Tapestry Trio Pilows, Birds & Flowers Wreath, Autumn Bounty Basket Bowl, Christmas Towels, Happy Easter Bloomed Bulbs Pillow, Patriotic Flags Pillows, Bewitching Windsock, Kris Kringle, Pere' Noel, Father Ice, St. Nicholas, Kanaka Loka, Father Frost, Sinter Klaus, Royal Alphabet Sampler, An Apple A Day Sampler, Carousel Tiger, The Great Outdoors - Animals Sampler, Floral Elegance, Home Sweet Home, Happily Ever After - Wedding Fire Screen, etc

Designer - Vanessa-Ann / Oxmoor House

Note - Hardback - 160 pages

catalog # vac-bk-80928

Pricing $ 19.95

Cost $ 1.00