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Rainbows and Toys and 111 Borders
  Rainbows & Toys

111 designs - Mini Motifs, Train, Blocks, Fish, Elephant, Duckly, Football, Car, Pulled Lamb, Clowns, Tops, Puppy Dog, Toy Solider, Ice Cream, Frog, Lion, Mouse, Pony, Cheerleader, Football Player, Hot Air Balloons, Tulips, Heart Wreath, Ballerina, Balloons, Bunny, Bottle, Butterfly, Jack-In-A-Box, Rattle, Ball, Baby Pin, Kitty Cat, Rocking Horse, Teddy Bear, Buggy, Bedroom, Giraffe Baby Record Sampler, A Star is Born Birth Sampler, This is Your Birthday Sampler, Sandman with Lantern, Borders, etc

Designer - Thimb Elena / Sigrid Designs

catalog # - sgd-bk-33

Pricing - $6.50

Cost - $ 1.05